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Drawing from my Wells of Wisdom

I often ask myself how my parents managed providing for a family of 10 on just one average income with no extra government support. Nowadays, depending on the social laws in your country of residence, you might be fortunate to be entitled to some kind of allowance if you're unemployed.

Growing up on Aruba we lived very humble and were content with the little we had. My grandmother ran a small grocery shop and my grandfather would saddle his donkey and be on his way selling merchandise in distant neighbourhoods. (this was in the mid 50s)

Food from my grandma's grocery shop provided for our daily bread. My other grandmother  died at an early age, so my mother being the eldest of 11 was used to taking care of her siblings.

Despite the comfort and less cost living under the same roof with my grandparents, I was five years young when my father decided to make the transition to Curaçao by boat in search of a brighter future  for his family and also to live independent of his parents.  

Speaking of uncertainty, risk and bravery. My parents & grandparents -like many others- had elementary to basic education. What kept them going was a strong, unshakable faith in God as their main source and strength. They depended on divine providence in many areas of their lives and prayed for wisdom to guide matters with discretion, dignity and integrity.

When they couldn't stand, they kneeled, sacrificed, struggled, and by faith succeeded and overcame many obstacles on their path.

So where does this leave me along with remarkable technology, countless opportunities and unlimited possibilities at my disposal?

The big names known globally as success icons are rightfully praised and applauded achieving great accomplishments. However, the glory comes after. Seldom you read of one's attempts in the prime of hardship and failures. We should more often than not be reminded that our ancestors were the ones with a vision and a dream.

They set the stage for the opportunities we enjoy today

Thank God both my parents are still alive (86, 90) and several of my siblings are entrepreneurs as well.

I constantly keep reminding myself to draw from these wells of wisdom in my ever learning process on my entrepreneurial journey. I pray for wisdom in accomplishing my vision and my dreams.

The price of Wisdom is above Rubies (Job 28:18)


Tirzah Libert

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Image: Filmagen (inside portrait: Tirzah's parents).

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